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Game Name

Haunted Lake

Game Category

Hidden Objects

Game Instruction

Do you believe the existence of ghosts or paranormal activities? In this modern time of living, when the technology is so well developed, we may say that we could find explanation for everything that happens around us. Many years ago the ancient people believed in different gods, just as a way to explain the changes that happen in the nature but now we know that it is about weather, about different weather conditions, about sun, rain, fog... In that context, more facts say that those paranormal things are just fruit of people's imagination, again a way to explain things around us and nothing more serious but what when everything is telling us that something is happening around us?! Brian is so worried about his friend John. Few days ago John went to his weekend house near the lake. It is a very nice place and John visits it often but he is always available. There is nothing wrong with the telephone network in that area, even it is out of the city but this time it seems that there is actually something wrong... Brian has tried to reach John on his telephone but all attempts were unsuccessful. No one was picking up or there was this strange sound coming from the line... Those things made Brian worried about his friend so he decided to go into John's weekend house to check out what is happening there, to see is his friend is all right. When he arrived at the place, Brian felt that something is not same as the time he was there before. There was some strange extraterrestrial energy spreading around the lake and his friend was not near... Brian decided that he has to stay at the place and discover what has happen with John.

Game Control

Use Mouse to play the Haunted Lake game


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