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Game Name

Cleveland Clinic Case

Game Category

Hidden Objects

Game Instruction

For today we have chosen to give you some thriller, a bit of mystery that would inspire you to be a smart detective or inspector who would do anything to find out the truth about some big problem. And, what could be a bigger problem than the taking away of someone's life, or simply murdering someone? Someone has to have big problems with him/herself to do such a thing, but unfortunately these thing happen everywhere in the world. In our neighborhood, in our district, in the country, it is not something that we only see on the TV. We placed todays' game in the country of Ohio, in Cleveland. There you can find the multispecialty academic hospital that works excellently for the last eighty years. The hospital has always had great reputation, but the last few months that reputation has been staggered. Few scandals came out of it, the people of Cleveland found out about that due to the media interest in it, and patients started to avoid this medical center, as a place where they would confide their health to the doctors. What actually happened? Cleveland Clinic is the place where a lot of weird things happen in the last few months. One of the main doctors has been fired due to the accusation and suspicion that he had hidden evidence connected to the murder of one of the nurses in the hospital. The accusations say that the doctor did that on purpose and now he has to be responsible for the mysterious case. Doctor Patrick decides to take the things in his own hands and to reveal the truth about Martha's death. He enters the hospital secretly and starts to explore wanting to prove that the main doctor in the hospital is deeply included in the falsifying of the post-mortem's reports. So, if you are a person that loves the justice and usually fights for it, do your best to help.

Game Control

Use Mouse to play the Cleveland Clinic Case game


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