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Game Name

Hidden Alphabet 11

Game Category

Hidden Words

Game Instruction

Lets train our observational skills solving another hidden object game. You are sure that letters are intended for making words and they make easier the communication between people but in this case you will see that they could be useful for another thing too. Game Walkthrough: This interesting game includes five levels. Each level is a room in which you should look for the letters from the alphabet. We are sure that you know the letters but however you have them on the taskbar of the picture. For finding them you have also a loop that will be used all the time and will help you see the things better. The game does not offer a chance for using hints, everything is up to you and there are also some other things that need to be taken in mind. The game also doesnt have time limitation but in case that you manage to complete a level in less than 90 seconds, you earn a golden star, named as achievement. Other achievement is finding three coins in each level, but also you can earn a star with completing all the levels and finding the ancient symbol. Those achievements are not obligatory but with them you could earn a higher score and better rank in the whole game, so take them as challenge and go for earning them all. Game Instructions: The instructions for playing are not complicated at all. You look for the letters by moving the mouse cursor over the picture. As you move the cursor, you actually increase particular points from the picture. Once you spot a letter, just click on it with the left mouse button and thats it. It goes the same for the coins. The game could be also played on the touchpad, in case that you are playing on a laptop, the instructions are same just that you use your finger instead of a mouse. Now it is time to start, and lets see if youll finish with or without any achievement. And we will tell you once again, those achievements are not condition for entering a new level, they are just a chance for earning more points.Good luck!

Game Control

Use Mouse to play the Hidden Alphabet 11 game


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