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Game Name

The Legend of Mariova

Game Category

Hidden Objects

Game Instruction

Breaking away from family traditions can be difficult. Family traditions bring a sense of belongingness, commitment and familiarity with each other. They also pave the way for good times and good memories. Family traditions are also vehicles to carry on a family's identity (e.g. ethnic, religious, occupational, recreational and so forth). Probably the worst conversation someone can ever have is telling their father they don't want to run the family business. Failing to transfer the family business can result in heartache and conflict. We have seen many lawsuits of children fighting over their parents for this. Timothy is a son of a nobleman from the 16th century. He doesn't want to continue the tradition of his family to become a great landholder and ruler like his father is. He wants to continue in a completely different direction and be an explorer of new and undiscovered lands. Throughout the centuries, brave explorers have fearlessly traveled the globe and beyond to discover new lands, people, animal species, riches and glory. Timothy has the spirit of an adventurer and inspired by their conquests he decided to explore the unknown. After having conversations with the locals, he finds out that in the past there was a land full of riches called Mariova. It was a very beautiful country with the richest sites with water and gold. Timothy is determined to find out the truth about Mariova. He heads for an adventure and succeeds in finding the lost forgotten land of Mariova. Such is the strength of the human spirit, to find the will and the courage and achieve what it was intended. Now the time has come to run a detailed check on the land and collect all the valuable objects he can find. Antiques, treasures, items of personal property, assets... Let the search for things that are of great worth begin!

Game Control

Use Mouse to play the The Legend of Mariova game


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