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Game Name

The Spirits Of Stone Temple

Game Category

Hidden Objects

Game Instruction

All people that live around that unusual place are aware that something strange is going on, or maybe more than strange! We may believe in paranormal activities but when something like this happens, we have to admit that we are more than scared because there are some things that simply can’t be explained, no matter how much the science is developed during the last years... We are talking about the mysterious stone temple, probably the strangest place you have ever seen, something that is that strange that you may never imagine that something like that could really exist. Namely, this temple hides one great mystery – there are some spirits that live there for many, many years. Those spirits are mostly calm but however, they wake up every 100 years, having requests. If those requests are not settled down, the spirits become evil, they bring accidents and bad weather. Maybe this sounds like something normal – accidents happen and the weather could be simply bad, but believe us, it is about something really terrible. Holly is a girl that has been chosen by her people to take the responsibility, to go to the strange place and talk with the gods. The task is very responsible since she will have to go there, listen to their requests and then look for the objects they are looking for and bring them into the temple. Only this way the spirits will be able to settle down and stop with the troubles they make every 100 years. Holly is prepared for the task and she believes that she will make it as good and possible, because only that way she will help her people to be happy and calm again, without the threat of those spirits of the stone temple.

Game Control

Use Mouse to play the The Spirits Of Stone Temple game


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