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Game Name

Evacuation of Bridgewell

Game Category

Hidden Objects

Game Instruction

Nature is our greatest friend, but as well, can be the worst enemy. If we don't respect her and the mankind has proven that from long time, and especially these days, she will pay us back. Look at all the climate changes that have happen, the global warming that made the Earth a different place to live. If we used to know what temperatures and weather we can expect in certain season, today that is like playing lottery. Be prepare to need a raincoat in summer and short sleeves in winter. The modernization and technologies, the cutting trees without plan and in moderation, wouldn't bring us where we are. But, that's human. Though we are part of the nature, we somehow live more and more distanced from it. And it results, as we may well notice. There are things and natural issues that we cannot stop, however. Who can fight the destructive hurricanes or storms? We can only fight them by evacuating as soon as possible. Huge landslides in the whole world have destroyed whole villages and towns and sometimes can cost human lives. For example, landslide that happened on Java island, Indonesia, in 1919 caused more than five thousand deaths and damaged 104 villages. You are guessing that today we are facing you with the serious issue of landslides, but off course through the lens of game and fun. We might learn something if unfortunately we find ourselves in such situations. Huge catastrophe is about to happen to the small town Bridgewell. Gusts have endangered lives of people the previous month and the ground started to landslide very intensively. And, the thing isn't naive, a big damage might occur if protective steps aren't about to be taken. Few settlements have already been ruined. Bridgewell citizens have to evacuate, otherwise, their lives are endangered. So, be handy and helpful, Bridgewell people are going to be very thankful if you help them.

Game Control

Use Mouse to play the Evacuation of Bridgewell game


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