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Game Name

Apartment for Sale

Game Category

Hidden Objects

Game Instruction

Howard is just one regular real estate agent. He has been on this position for a very long time. He is dedicated and works very well but nothing has changed all those years, he still has the same work place, not even a chance for something like a promotion, even though he thinks that it is definitely time for that. However, perhaps he didn't get the right chance yet, a situation that could help him show his skills in his best light, after all those years of hard work. In the list of apartments and estates that Howard sells, there is one special place. it is about a wonderful apartment located in the center of the city that seems to be one of the hardest challenges in his career because of its very high price. Howard knows that if he manages to sell that special apartment, he will finally get that promotion in his company so he will become a head of the rest of the workers, not just a regular real estate agent. After a longer period of time, someone calls; showing his interest about exactly that apartment and now it is time Howard to do his best, just to make this client buy the apartment. Howard gets into the apartment a day before the presentation, to see if everything is all right in the apartment and put it in best order so the place could look just perfect.

Game Control

Use Mouse to play the Apartment for Sale game


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