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Game Name

The Secret Entrance

Game Category

Hidden Objects

Game Instruction

Who wouldn't wish for easy earned money or treasure? You sit one Saturday in your comfortable armchair, the phone rings, and you get a call from an unknown person you tells you that you have inherited a lots of money. What would be the first thing you would think, if such a thing happens to you? Maybe you'll say to yourself, OK, some of my friends are kidding with me. But, what if it is true? You have even forgotten that your grandfather lived somewhere far and made a lot of money, and after his death, you are the only heir of the treasure. That is called kismet. Unlike these people, there are such examples, where they don't give up from hunting treasure with old maps someone else has told them to. Buried and hidden treasure may be the issue you see in legends and films, but treasure hunters exist both professionals and hobbyists and sometimes they do actually find something. The treasure hunting actually sometimes discover something and that gives them bigger courage to continue with the investigation and the game. Arpo cave which is situated close to the Karslry castle is one of the most visited caves from the treasure hunters. According to an old legend, there is huge amount of treasure buried inside. After so many years, no one has made it to find the treasure. Timothy has wondered why is that so. He is a great adventurer, who has been through a lot of treasure hunting experiences. Some of them where a success, and some of them were great disappointment. He has researched before and found out that the cave Arpo has one more entrance and it is in the castle's interior. He is convinced that if he will achieve to find the secret entrance, he will also find the treasure. Wish him good luck and have a nice time finding the hidden treasure.

Game Control

Use Mouse to play the The Secret Entrance game


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