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Game Name

The Silent Planet

Game Category

Hidden Objects

Game Instruction

Little green men are the first thing we have in mind when someone mentions the second smallest planet in our Universe, the red colored Mars. Since children, we are bothered with movies that show that those little green creatures are the population of this planet. Scientists fight to prove that there is life on this planet, rich people are already preparing for trip to Mars. The 'Red Planet', as it is popularly known has received the name after the Roman God of war. It is called Red, due to the iron oxide that exists in big amount on the Planet's surface. NASA's newest discovery concerning Mars was exactly two months ago, when they announced that they found salty water on the surface of this planet. Speculations are always alive when it comes to this planet. Whether it has or it doesn't have liquid water on its' surface. And the science proved that there is water, which gives big hope. We are usually taking you on some adventure, or some interesting place, or maybe we give you some scary situation that will wake up your survival instinct. This time we are taking you in the future. So, you need to release your imagination and try to think as if you are living two hundred years later than today. The Mars planet has already got a human colony that functions pretty normal over there. They work very hard on the examination of the planet. They start to seed plants, different vegetables, which are inevitable for their food and survival. A new group of scientists volontary arrives today. They need to continue the successful work of the human colony of Mars. Our player is one of the new comers and needs to collaborate with older colleagues. He needs to listen to their demands and to fulfill the tasks that are given.

Game Control

Use Mouse to play the The Silent Planet game


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