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Game Name

Heart of Roses

Game Category

Hidden Objects

Game Instruction

Few more days and a lot of women out there in the world are going to celebrate the Woman's Day, 8-th of March. In terms of gratitude to her mother, Kimberly wants to surprise her mother who has done so much for her. She got the idea to make a huge heart of roses and that to be the gift for her beloved mother for the international day. Kimberly is out with her friend (and that is you, our player) and the both of you have the obligation to choose the prettiest roses at the flower shop and to make a heart of roses for Kimberly's mother. No matter how cliche it sounds, but women deserve attention, respect and good attitude from men every single day. And that is not because women are tender, sensitive or fragile, but because women do so much for the men, for the children, the family, in general. It is a fact that women when they are mothers give up from so much of their time for the family, unlike men, who are usually concerned to earn money and to afford financial support for the family. This is pretty a cliche, isn't it? Because, there are less and less women that don't work, so today's modern woman is so multitasking, that it is a miracle how she can simply make it to be a good wife, good sister, good mother and a good worker. Throughout the years, women have emancipated more and more, but the fight is still active and needed. Women are still less paid then men for the same working place, there are still a lot to be done on some places in the Earth, because there are countries where women's rights are so diminished and underestimated. The fight has to be every day and with all the assets possible. One day in the year is nothing, but then we need to think what we have achieved during the previous year.

Game Control

Use Mouse to play the Heart of Roses game


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