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Game Name

Renovation Company

Game Category

Hidden Objects

Game Instruction

And while the furniture industry and the industry for interior design releases new styles and new elements every year, keeping the old authentic style of the place is also something very valuable and actually very fashionable. Many countries in the world pay a lot of money to keep the authentic look of the architecture in general and the same goes for the interior design, having in mind that sometimes renovation costs even more than buying hew things. The Miller family likes to reorganize the space in their home. They love their furniture but after so many years of use and so many years with the same order of things, they feel as they need a little change, something that will give a new spirit to the space. But however, they are not very fond of modernistic design so they call a company specialized for renovation of old homes, with idea their home to keep the authentic look and the retro style. That would be quite a challenge because it is not about an easy work but the Millers' think that this would be a great solution for their old 'new' home. However, it seems that the price for doing that is not that low but the renovation company is recommending them one interesting solution to solve all unwanted stuff from their home in order to collect enough money that could be used for restoring their old furniture. This is actually a great offer because that way they will get rid of everything that is not needed for them at the moment and it will provide them enough money for future investment in the renovation.

Game Control

Use Mouse to play the Renovation Company game


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